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AMRCON<sup>®</sup> Brand Earns National Status with Trademark

When you have a product that is unique and sets you apart from competitors, you want to do all you can to protect that product.  And that’s exactly what AMRCON® has done by securing registered Trademark status from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
“Here at AMRCON, our proprietary ODS support product was the catalyst behind our success and our desire to pursue registered Trademark status,” said Dee Rudko, CEO and founder of AMRCON.  “We offer a very unique service, something that I have not found elsewhere in my many …

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Introducing Avelient

Mariano DiFabio, the featured speaker for the January Partner meeting, is the President of Avelient, a website company that provides website design and development, and social media consulting. As an integrated AMRCON Partner, Mariano is the force behind the AMRCON website and websites developed for AMRCON clients.

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Personal Note for December 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I waited to get my final note for 2010 until the year was over. January is always a time to reflect, get through the holidays and regroup to stay on track for the new year.
We’re very lucky that even with family that were in and out of hospitals, everyone closed out the year with good spirits and health in their line of site. What is it with the holidays and some of our precious family icons needing to spend time in the hospitals? Do they know …